Horse Riding Lessons are available:


Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 9.00pm

Saturday & Sunday from 9.00am to 5.00pm

Allocated time is when the lesson time starts so please be here 15 mins prior to start of lesson.

Many of our lessons are available to book online. If online booking isn't showing for the type of lesson you are interested in, please call us on 01236 722424 to check availability and make a booking.

You can see how we classify riding ability here.

Horse Training

Private Lessons

Private Lesson £35 (30 mins)

Private Hack £30 (45 mins)

Lunge Lesson £30 (30 mins)

A one-to-one lesson with an instructor on one of our horses.

Riding Lessons

Group Lessons

Group Lesson £28 (45 mins)


These lessons are Walk, Trot + Canter

Maximum 6 people per group

Girl and Horse

Children's Activities

Pony Club £40 (every 2 weeks)

Own a pony day:

Full day: 10am - 4pm with 2 riding sessions -  £50  (10yrs+)

1/2 day: 10am - 1pm with one riding session - £35  (5-10yrs)

15 minutes on lead rein £15 (3 years+)


Call 01236 733424 to book
Girl with Horse

Adult Own a Horse Day

£60  (10am-4pm)

We will teach you all aspects of horsecare that you would need to know to look after your horse on a daily basis. There will be two sessions of horse riding and the day starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm. Lunch will be provided.

Horse Stall Portrait

How-To Sessions

From £15 for 20 mins

How to Tack Up

How to Groom 

How to Plait Up

How to Muck Out

How to Feed

How to Lunge

How to Load into Horsebox

ABC of Health

How to Clip

How to Pull a Mane and Trim Up

How to Fit Rugs

How to Be a Dressage Rider

How to Be a Showjumper

How to Be an Eventer

How to Buy a Horse

An Introduction for Beginners to Riding

How to Be Around Horses

How to Reverse Trailer Horsebox

How to Show in Hand

How to - Any Choice of Your Own

Other packages available on request.

Call 01236 733424 to book
Training of Foals

Gift Vouchers

6 Group Lessons    £140

6 Private Lessons   £175

How-To Voucher £15

Call 01236 733424 to book

Other packages available on request.

We also cater for Birthday Parties for all ages, fun days and corporate.

All lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance, or a fee will be charged.

Closed Group Lesson £30/rider (45 mins)

Group Hack £25 (45 mins)

2hr Group Hack £60 (2hrs)

Please call to book.

Private Evening Lessons are available from 5pm-8.30pm. Please call to book.